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Blind Repairs Services

For all of your blind cleaning and common blind repair needs, we are on location, punctual, and same day.

Venetian Blinds

A window covering that has proved timeless and easily able to be freshened up with cleaning and repairs that make them as good as new. Repairs to tilters, cord-locks wands, and other components can be completed provided the blind type and parts are not obsolete.

Vertical Blinds

Cleaning of venetians will often reveal problems with head-rails, the control cords and weights and chains on the bottom of the blades. Many clients request chainless weights be installed.

Roller Blinds

A specially developed process that includes cleaning and refreshing of Roller blinds is used on-site. If fabric is damaged or you are after a total refresh we can change the fabric at a fraction of the cost of new blinds. Repairs to blinds can involve, the replacement of control ends, chains, and fabric.

Replacement/New Blinds

For one-off or a complete set of replacement Venetian, Roller or Vertical blinds call us to arrange a quote. Quality blinds at a very friendly price can be arranged in conjunction with cleaning, repairs, or for a complete refit of your home.

Super Blind Cleaning, Repairs & Replacement

On-Site Blind Cleaning & Repairs

  • Venetian Tilters
  • Venetian Cord Locks
  • Venetian Wand replacement
  • Venetian Re-cords
  • Venetian Blinds alterations
  • Vertical Headrail repairs
  • Vertical Slat replacement
  • Roller control ends
  • Roller control chain
  • Fixing brackets
Vertical Blinds
Blinds cleaning charges
Travel Charge Auckland’s main $80
Auckland extended $90
Cleaning Venetians (aluminum)
Under 1m x 1m $10.00
Between 1m x 2m $20.00
Between 2m x 2.5m $30.00
Over 2.5 $40.00
Venetians Wooden
Under 1m x 1m $25.00
Between 1m x 2m $35.00
Between 2m x 2.5m $45.00
Over 2.5 $55.00
Venetians Composite
Under 1m x 1m $15.00
Between 1m x 2m $25.00
Between 2m x 2.5m $35.00
Over 2.5 $45.00
Under 1m x 1m $22.00
Between 1m x 2m $32.00
Between 2m x 2.5m $42.00
Over 2.5m $52.00
Small under 1m x1m $40.00
Medium between 1m x 2m $50.00
LargeOver 2m $60.00
Blinds Repair charges
Venetians Records $60.00
Tilters $30.00
Wands $30.00
Cord Locks $30.00
Slat Movement $30.00
Wand Knobs $5.00
Wand Hooks $5.00
Tassels $5.00
Brackets Metal $8.00
Brackets Plastic $5.00
Headrail Repair $60.00
Record $60.00
Slat Replacement $30.00
Weights $1.50
Chain per meter $4.00
Hangers $2.00
Clips $3.00
Brackets $5.00
End Control $50.00
Brackets $20.00
Chain per meter $6.00
End Caps $5.00
Chain Joiner $2.00
Romans Record $65.00
Roman Rings $3.00
Cut Downs per blind $50.00
Minimum Job Charge (both repairs and cleaning) $140.00
Second Operator $40 to 80.00
Installs per blind $15.00

If you have any questions or would like to request a quote please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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